March R&R Business Challenge

March Reconnect & Rebuild 30-Day Business Challenge

Book aligned clients more, consistently

Your 30-day challenge to become a BOSS business owner (and having a business full of aligned clients) 

Let's try something fun! Make a checkmark in the air if a statement resonates with you. 

  • Are you tired of never having enough appointments on the books & always wondering, “how is everyone booked out for weeks?!”
  • Do you ever feel like the rest of the world has how to turn new clients into recurring clients figure out & you’re just stuck trying to get new clients with deep discounts (without losing your mind or money 😖)?
  • You struggle with rebooking clients and it makes having consistent income hard for you (and drives you crazy!)
  • You’re beginning to wonder if all the stuff you’ve heard about building your massage business is true, or if everyone’s actually having a hard time (too). 
  • Ready to stop wasting so much effort trying to get your inconsistent clients to become regulars? Because let’s be real--I’d rather be doing laundry. 🤪
  • Be real for a minute--are you exhausted of trying a million different downloadables and freebies only to feel like you never actually find one that’s perfect for YOU? (Been there, felt that) It’s time for a change, and we’re making it happen.

Is your finger tired of making a checkmark in the air? Did it get a little non-massage workout today? LOL 


Imagine if… you had daily impactful tasks to take you from new clients ghosting you to new clients asking YOU when to rebook--before the end of the next month. 

Time to think bigger

Reconnect & Rebuild your business 30-Day Challenge 

Lifetime Access to:

Recorded instructions on how to complete each task

Downloadable 30-Day challenge calendar

Live & interactive elements: 

Live calls (with replay access): 

Kick-off call Wednesday, March 1st 

Mid-month Check-in Call Wednesday, March 15th  

Celebrate the challenge call Friday March 31st

Let's make magic!

I'm Jamerie. Massage Therapists & Spa Coach. I'm passionate about helping other Massage Therapists gain business skills so they can have the massage, spa, or wellness business of their dreams! 

My background: 

  • CAMTC certified MT
  • Sports & Rehab AS 
  • Healthcare Administration & Management BS 
  • Worked my way up to managing a massage franchise location that won the best new franchisee award in our first year
  •  I love oreos, I have a 4-year-old son, & my husband is a Massage Therapist too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I can complete all the tasks in 30 days. Will I have access to the material after the 30-day challenge? 

Yes! You have lifetime access to the client portal, videos, and calendar. 

I can't make the live calls. I already have appointments during that time. Will I have access to the replay? 

Yes! The replay of the calls will be uploaded to the client portal within 24 - 48 hours of the call. 

Is this for me if I don't have a business or clients yet?

No, to participate in this challenge you should have SOME clients already. 

Is this only for solo Massage Therapist Business owners? 

No, I teach you how to delegate these tasks to your manager or receptionist

Will I feel overwhelmed? 

You might, but you can go at your own pace and there are built-in rest days for the challenge because I think it’s important for you to prioritize rest as a business owner

Will this be difficult? 

That’s subjective but it may be a challenge 😏😉

Is this only appropriate to do in March?

No, all of these tasks are best practices to incorporate on a monthly basis and what I have taught many of my clients to do 

Will I be getting coaching during this challenge?

I will answer and coach within the facebook group. Many times we as if we’re the only ones thinking of this question but others may be running into the same roadblock

Is this going to take a lot of time everyday? 

Truly, it’s up to you and your bandwidth and capacity but I would allocate 20 minutes - hour depending on the task. (Don’t worry. I’ll share how much time a task should take & I keep the recorded lessons pretty brief and to the point) 

I'm all in!

Challenge enrollment ends March 1st! 

Join the challenge now $111

Kick-off call March 1st at 10 AM PST

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