Hi! I'm Jamerie! Massage Therapist & Spa Coach

I have been in the spa industry for over 10 years. I have worked my way up from Massage therapist to Lead Massage Therapist to Spa Manager to Massage Instructor and Multi-Unit Manager. 

Now I'm on a mission to help Massage Therapists feel confident with their business skills and intuition to effectively launch and manage their massage business. I help to remove the overwhelm and decision fatigue when launching your own business. 

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The Value Of The Follow Up

Delivering your client's wellness journey doesn't stop once they get off the treatment table. 

Deepen the value of your services by following up with them and continuing to confirm that you are their preferred wellness professional. 

"Support Small Businesses" is a helpful phrase, but here are some insights into how big businesses deliver their client journey and how you can apply them to your small business to create consistent income and a consistent client journey experience. 

Not-So-Spooky Sales Workshop

It's officially Fall and you know what that means...Halloween is just around the corner! But as a busy service provider, you're probably wondering how you will find the time to get ready for the holiday sales season.

Don't worry, Julie and Jamerie have got you covered! Our Halloween-themed Not-So-Spooky Sales Workshop will help you learn how to spook up your sales skills to make the most of this spook-tacular season and prepare for the holiday season! 

Massage Therapist's Guide to FB Networking

Trying to promote yourself, your services, your studio or clinic's location, and you keep getting kicked out of FB groups? 

Or you're tagged in a post as a recommendation and end up just hitting the like button on the post because you get too overwhelmed and feel too awkward to reply? 

This is the guide to help you overcome all of that. 

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